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Jerusalem Back Yard Campaign

Combatants for Peace and the Israeli Committee against House Demolitions are launching a week-long poster campaign on billboards and on the Internet against the policy demolition, discrimination and colonization lead by Nir Barkat and the Jerusalem Municipality. The posters are based on an expensive and extensive campaign of the municipality in which Jerusalem residents are seen with 'word balloons' drawn near their mouths. "They built for me," say the figures in the municipality's campaign, "they paved for me," they joyfully declare, expressing their gratitude to the municipality.

However, the very same municipality that invests tax payers' money in expensive campaigns deliberately neglects large part of the city's population. Under Nir Barkat, the Jerusalem municipality acts in every way possible to diminish the Palestinian population of Jerusalem by withholding building permits, destroying homes and neglecting infrastructures (including the education infrastructure, as the last week's discussion in the Supreme Court clearly showed). At the same time, the municipality collaborates with settler movements whose declared purpose is to "Judaize" Eastern Jerusalem and to prevent a two state solution. That is why our posters bring people and sights from East Jerusalem, people and sights that, not surprisingly, were missing from the municipality original campaign.

By ad-busting the municipality's campaign, we seek to expose the lie of the municipality and the Israeli government that exalt Jerusalem's unity repeatedly, and at the same time use violent means of oppression and discrimination. We wish to show that there are Israelis and Palestinians in Jerusalem who work together to turn this city into what it is meant to be: an open and cosmopolitan city comprised of two capitals for two peoples.


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