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Monthly Activity at Southern Hebron Hills
28/05/2011 12:00-18:00

THE "PALESTINE TRAIL" is a footpath, which was initiated by the members of the southern group of Combatants for Peace. The path runs from the Meitar checkpoint, at the end point of THE ISRAEL NATIONAL TRAIL (INT) , and is set to go through the beautiful south MT Hebron area. The goal of our work is that in the future, the Israel national trail and the "Palestinie trail" will join to be recognized as "THE PEACE TRAIL", where people of all nationalities will be free to travel. The colors of the marks are of the Palestinian flag, which states the Palestinian's right for an independent state.

The marking of the trail is being done on the last weekend of every month, and is open to all, families included. It is a calm and peaceful activity, and a unique opportunity to meet Palestinian families.

We advise that you bring your own water, hat, sunscreen and warm clothing, as it tends to get chilly.

Everyone is welcome to bring something to eat at a shared picnic.

Also, we appreciate any donation of paints and paint brushes.


The upcoming activity in the villages of SAMOA and SUSYA

on the first part of the day, we will take part in the construction of a playground, which is being built in the memory of Abir Aramin.

On January 2007, Abir, the daughter of Bassam Aramin -one of the founders of CFP, was killed by a shooting of Israeli Border Police, near her school at the village of Anatta.

On the second part of the day we will join the first year anniversary party of the "Susya Center", and from there we'll head out to mark the trail.

We will meet next to Meitar checkpoint (Israeli side) 28/5 at 12:00

Estimated end time is 18:00

For more information and signing up to the carpool, please contact

YANIV RESHEF   08-9932552 , 054-9954480


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