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Establishing a community garden in the village Nabi Samuel
12/05/2012 16:00-19:00

The Combatants for peace's Jerusalem-El Kuds regional group invites you to join our upcoming activity:
Nabi Samwil
The name Nabi Samwil (or Nebi Samuel) may sound familiar – it is the location of prphet Samuel’s tomb, just north of Jerusalem. But what about the Palestinian village just next to the holy site? You probably never heard about it or visited there. Maybe because it’s a relatively small village of about 200 people, or maybe because it faces an impossible reality. A reality which this village shares with many others in the region of Jerusalem, the seam line, the west bank. You won’t find it on the map, and there is no sign.

Between reality and common sense
The village lies in what is defined as Area C, but its inhabitants are not residents of Jerusalem. They hold a Palestinian ID and are not allowed to work and enter Israel. It is located beyond the Green line (1967 borders) but within the separation barrier’s Givat Zeev enclave. This Palestinian village is separated from the rest of the west bank by the barrier, and the movement of its inhabitants outside the village is widely restricted and usually depends on the mood of the soldiers at the checkpoint outside. In this reality, although building permits are completely denied, trees are uprooted and police harassments, people live. People just like you and I, born into a harsh reality, desire just like us to live in dignity and provide for their families.
Out of our will to start joint action and raising awareness about the everyday reality in the village, as well as many like it, we have set a workday for this Saturday. We will plant plants and helbs along with the village folk, and start raising the awareness by creating a signpost informing that there is a village here, and people live in it.
We will meet at 15:30 at the commercial center in the French Hill, next to domino’s pizza, or at 16:00 at the prophet samuel’s tomb parking lot.
Please state  if you are coming with a car (and from where) and able to offer a ride, or if you need one.
For registration and further details contact Netta Hazan at  050-8246429 or


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