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Guided tour in English to the rural area of Bethlehem
23/11/2012 08:00-16:00

The "Bethlehem-Jerusalem" group of the "Combatants for Peace" (CFP) movement conducts tours of the rural area of Bethlehem, with the purpose of expanding and deepening the participants' knowledge of the area, its inhabitants and the problems inherent to life under occupation in the area. At the end of the tour, a meeting with the Palestinian members of the group is held, in which they tell us of the reality of their life and of their involvement with CFP. To the best of our knowledge, CFP is the only movement which conducts tours which are open to the public in this area of the Occupied Territories. The tour circles the city of Bethlehem from East to West: the concrete wall surrounding Rachel's tomb, the relentless construction in the "Har Homa" (Wall mountain) neighborhood, the Eastern part of the Gush Etzion settlements (Tkoa, Nokdim), the chokehold construction design around the village of Nahalin, the historic settlements of Gush Etzion, the Orthodox Jewish settlement of Beitar Illit and the Separation Barrier in the village of Wallaje.

After the tour a converstion will be conducted with the Palestinian and Israeli members of CFP.

The tour does not include passing through sensitive areas and does not requiers special coordination with security forces.

For registration please fill up this online form

The tour's cost is 50NIS - for partial participance in expenses

Any further donation to the ongoing activity of CFP will be highly appreciated


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