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Studying for Peace : Special Meeting with Pat Magee and Jo Berry
08/03/2013 14:00-17:00

Learning for Peace : Special Meeting with Pat Magee and Jo Berry

In the meeting, Pat Magee and Jo Berry will share their story, following questions and reflections from the audience. The second part of the meeting will be held in small groups, which will allow a more intimate discussion of the junctions in which different conflicts and stories meet. Pat and Jo have inspired many people around the globe, presenting their story with rare openness and vulnerability.

Jo Berry’s father, Sir Anthony Berry MP, was killed in the Irish Republican Army’s bombing of the Grand Hotel in Brighton in 1984. Rather than harbour hatred and anger, she is determined to draw meaning from this tragedy. In 2000 she met the man convicted for the bombing, Patrick Magee, after he had been released from prison. With time, they have formed a friendship and have ever since been working together for peace and reconciliation, not just in Northern Ireland but in many conflict areas around the globe.

"I have known the pain that causes to seek revenge but have chosen not to act on this impulse, and instead work on transforming my feelings and end the cycle of violence and revenge in me. I believe we all have humanity in us and the way forward for a peaceful world is to begin to empathize with the  ‘enemy’.  At times when I have listened to Pat's story I have come to a realization  that if I had lived Pat’s life, I may have made the same choices.”

Patrick Magee was born in Belfast but moved with his family to Norwich when he was two years old. He returned to Belfast at the age of 19 in 1969, and joined the IRA soon afterwards. Pat was imprisoned in 1985 for his part in the bombing of the Grand Hotel in Brighton and released as part of the Northern Ireland Peace Process.

' I have learnt from the last 12 years that I had demonised the 'other'. Now I know that I killed a wonderful human being with lots of wonderful characteristics. I believe that during conflict it is hard to see the enemy as a human being, that is the cost of using violence. I do find it challenging to work with Jo, yet despite our differences we continue to work together. If we can motivate people to use dialogue then it has got to be good.'

The meeting will be held in the “Everest” Hotel in Beit Jalla, starting 2 pm. We will leave (In private vehicles) at 1:30 (gathering 1:20) from the Eastern gates at “Teddy” stadium, Jerusalem. The meeting will end at 5 pm.

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