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CFP Tour in the Rural Surroundings of Bethlehem
18/06/2010 07:30-16:00

The Jerusalem-Bethlehem group of CFP inviting you to a tour in the rural outskirts of Bethlehem on June 18th 2010.
In the tour, we will  learn more about the region, its inhabitants and the inherent problems of the occupation in it.
The tour will be lead by Dror Takes, specialized for the last few years in understanding the complex reality of the Israeli occupation in the west bank. Dror is familiar with the difficulties encountered by the Palestinian residents and their contact with the Israeli law, military officials and the settlers.
During the tour he will attempt to show and demonstrate the current situation from his point of view and through different aspects of the reality.

Schedule (subject to changes):

7:30 pick up from ‘Rakevet merkaz’(Arlozoroff, Tel Aviv–back by ~16:00)
9:00 meeting at Teddy Stadium parking (next to Jerusalem mall -back by ~15:00 )

Subjects and stops:

- ‘Har homa’ and lookout to ‘Nuaman’ (mazmuriya) - the wall and the expansion of west Jerusalem.
- barrier’300’ ( Rachels tomb) - the passages and Israel’s policy dealing the Palestinian authority and inhabitants.
- Sdema – Tko’a – Nokdim- Efrat- the settlements and the settlers
- Obseration and hike to the western enclave- Nahlin, Wadi fukin, Jaba, and the settlements
- Tent of nations – encounter with Palestinian representatives from Nahlin
- El Hader passage – the bank’s bisection.
- Alwalaje – present and future of the wall and further developments

- Depending on the actual schedule, the participants might be able to join the weekly demonstration in Walaje against the construction of the wall around the village .

The participation requires early subscription (by Monday June 14th at midnight),
Ilan: phone or email, 0545-69-20-59.

As there will be no stops for shopping or meals en route, please bring your own food and drinks with you.

* The tour as well as the guidance is given to us for free as a donation. During the tour donations will be collected for saving the life of 18 years of Saja from Hussan, a village within the tour’s route. Saja awaits a liver tissue implantation from her father. The surgery’s cost, 900,000 NIS, was already received, and the donations are collected for further treatments, which might go on for her entire life.
For further details and donating in advance, please contact Ilana Hammerman :


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