On “Within the Eye of the Storm” screenings in England

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On "Within the Eye of the Storm" screenings in England
9 July 2013
Shelley Hermon

A few days ago in an interview, I was asked the question "do you think film has the capacity to change lives?" I thought it was a bit of a bombastic question, though I have always believed films do have the potential to provoke us and inspire change.

The past month has been a real highlight and landmark in my life, as a director. A time when I can truly feel something I have done has made a difference.
In the past few weeks I witnessed the reactions of hundreds of people from all walks of life, to my film and it was extremely moving. I recalled all the moments I almost gave up on the project... How close that was... the uncertainty throughout the journey of whether it would make it to the finishing line, whether it would be seen... Wether it would be well received...
Finally the vision that was so vulnerable and alone, is not my own but a shared one. 
I only wish the team that was part of the creation of the film could be there to enjoy it too.
All those hours, days, weeks, months and years of carefully crafting every moment and second that appears in the film, were worth it. 
Everything we had hope it would do, it's doing!

So many people have come up to me and thanked me, or written in to say they had a transformational experience through the film, that they felt they were there with Rami and Bassam so intimately that it was like having a first hand experience and a real insight into the situation on the ground. Inidividuals and communities really got the price of war and the possibility of another way... That dialogue is the only way for all conflicts, not just this. Some said they were reminded of our humanity and given courage and hope. 
The Q & A's went on and on and drifted onto the streets outside the venues and best of all People asked what they could do to help change the situation...
The remarkable thing was seeing the story transcend cultures, background and religions. Whatever community we screened it to, they go it. 
Thank you to Bassam Aramin and Rami Elhanan for letting me follow them and truly letting me into their lives and hearts. It is the basis for why audiences are literally touched and shaken to the core... 
May the story and experiences of the 2 of them continue to inspire hundreds and thousands and may Bassam and Rami truly know, that they are channels of hope and transformation...
As for me, i got the biggest blessing meeting them, going on this adventure and now baring the fruits by seeing it do its work in the world. And if there was any last remaining cynicism in me regarding the capacity of film to make a difference, I got an email from a woman just after that interview literally saying the film changed her life.
So... May our faith be restored in the capacity for change and may it give us strength to continue taking these steps, however little they may be... As long as they are in the right direction

Watch the trailer or the entire film On-Line on the official website :

Director of the film "Within the Eye of the Storm"