In-House Meetings

CFP defines two main obstacles blocking the road to peace between the Israeli and Palestinian peoples:  fear and ignorance. In order to fight the stereotyping and de-humanization inflicted by both sides on the other, we work to bring together as many people as possible from both sides so that they can gain a new perspective, different from the one they obtain through mass media and the internal discourse carried out within each community.

One of the most effective tools in achieving this goal is the in-house meetings project. At least once a month, we assemble an audience comprised of Israelis, Palestinians or a combination of both, in any space that is willing to host us, so that they may listen to speakers from CFP, one Israeli and one Palestinian, tell their stories. The speakers usually emphasize their past involvement in the cycle of violence, and describe the process of change that they have undergone. At the end of the personal stories segment, the speakers answer questions from the audience.

In the framework of the in-house meetings, run-of-the-mill Palestinians meet Israelis who are not settlers or soldiers in uniform, at times for the the first time. Similarly, Israelis meet  Palestinians who were previously active in violent resistance against Israelis and are today supporters of non-violence. In this manner, people from both sides see that there is indeed a partner for peace on the other side. This project is of utmost importance, and we would like to expand it.

We are constantly seeking new volunteers who would be willing to host an in-house meeting in their home. If you are willing to host such an event and invite about 20 of your friends to listen to us, please  contact us.

please support this project, so we can continue our work