Educational Tours in the Southern Nablus Region

Combatants for Peace's Tel Aviv - Nablus group runs monthly tours of the villages and settlements of the Southern Nablus region. In the tours we visit the Separation Barrier in Elkana, the Ariel area, and the illegal outposts of the Eli/Shilo settlement block. At the end of all the tours we meet with Palestinian activists of the movement in one of the villages in the region.

The tours are designated to provide knowledge of this area, which lies in the very heart of the West Bank, between Nablus and Ramallah. The focus is on the patterns of settlement, the confiscation of lands, the establishment of illegal outposts, and on the understanding of the political and economic factors that drive the settlement project as well as their implications on the ground.

Tours depart on a monthly basis, on Fridays or Saturdays, at 9:00 AM, from Arlosoroff train station, and last around 6 hours, including lunch in a Palestinian village.

In addition to tours which are open to the public, private tours intended for public opinion leaders are also conducted.

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