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Learning for Peace in Tel Aviv: Between "Hatikva" and The Prayer of Mothers - The Institutional Memorial days Ceremonies

One week before the Israeli-Palestinian Memorial day ceremony, our "Learning For Peace" series is holding a lecture and discussion on the institutional memorialization ceremonies in Israel, While examining their weaknesses and blind spots, raising questions regarding  the room in them for peace activists.

Lecturer: Dr. Jona Bargur

Father to commander Ziv Bargur and Ayelet Bargur, Husband to Sarit and Grandparent to Yuval.

"Yad Labanim" chairman, Ramat Hasharon, 2000-2010, active member in in the "Palestinian-Israeli Bereaved Families for Peace" organization since 1997.

After the lecture we will hold a discussion, which will be followed by a talk with a Palestinian and an Israeli, "Lohamim Lashalom" activists, who will each tell their personal story- from actively participating in the cycle of violence, to putting down the weapon and joining the movement.

The event will take place on Tuesday, 9.4.13, 20:30 on the "Bar Kayma" gallery, "Hamashbir" St. no. 22, Tel Aviv

Please confirm your participation in this online form ( if you need translation please note this in the form)

The entrance is open and free, any donation for CFP's ongoing activities will be appreciated

"I am father to an Israeli military casuality; I used to be the chairman of a "Yad Labanim" branch in a local authority; I am an active member in the "Palestinian-Israeli Bereaved Families for Peace" organization; I am a veteran activist in the Israeli peace community.

Every year for ten years, I stood in a memorial day ceremony on the speaker's stage in front of thousands, speaking for bereaved families.

What am I saying? What am I supposed to say? What can I say? What do I want to say?

Words of consolation! Words of condolences! Statements of compassion and national empathy! Messages of concealed protest; of explicit Hope!

In the end of the ceremony everyone stands for the national hymn, the "Tikva". Is it possible to also include in the ceremony "The prayer of Mothers"?"


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