Projects Bethlehem Area Tour

    Bethlehem Area Tour

    Does the separation wall really add security?

    Why did the State of Israel invest more than 1 million dollars in one resident of the village of Wallaje?
    Does the current "Etzion block" have any relationship to the historic "Gush Etzion"?
    Come to see for yourself the reality of the occupation – just 20 minutes from Jerusalem. Hear how the
    local villagers cope with the situation and what Combatants for Peace activists do on the ground.

    The Jerusalem-Bethlehem group invites you to participate in one of its monthly tours to broaden your
    understanding of issues such as the separation fence, the settlements and outposts in the area, and how
    all these factors affect the daily lives of the Palestinian population.

    At the end of the tour Combatants for Peace holds an open discussion with Israeli and Palestinian members.