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Welcome to our Community!

In recent years many supporters have joined us, thanks to our screenings of Disturbing the Peace - the documentary about our movement. We would like to tell you a little about our activities.

These last few weeks have been amazing at Combatants for Peace: We were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize!! We met with Richard Gere. Our documentary, Disturbing the Peace, has won even more awards, we are preparing for the annual Alternative Memorial Day and our groups and activities have been as active and busy as ever.

CfP runs seven local, bi-national groups throughout Israel/Palestine (north, south, and center), including a new women’s group and a region-wide theater group, specializing in non-violent protest through the “Theater of the Oppressed.”

Join us in our struggle and help us advocate for peace in a world torn by conflict! Please, donate and support us in any way you can. As you know, your voice is critical! SHALOM and SALAM from the Holy Land!

What do we do?

House meetings and meetings with youth

Aid for people under occupation

Guided tours

We meet with Israelis and Palestinians and tell them our personal stories: how we transformed from active combatants into peace activists.
We go to villages that suffer from home demolitions and violence; we engage with the children and help the communities to rebuild.
We bring Israelis and internationals to the West Bank to meet Palestinians and learn about the daily reality under occupation.

Disturbing the Peace

The Freedom March

The Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day Ceremony

We screen the film throughout the world, inspiring people everywhere to overcome fear and work together for peace.
Every month we bring Israelis and Palestinians together to march in a non-violent rally for freedom and equality. Hundreds of people join us, calling for peace and an end to this violent conflict.
The Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day Ceremony comes to remind us that war is not an act of fate but one of human choice. On this particularly difficult day, Israelis and Palestinians acknowledge the pain and the aspirations of those living on the “other side” and strive to prevent the next wave of violence.

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