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    Nablus tour


    The Nablus-Tel Aviv Group of “Combatants for Peace” invites the public to tour the rural areas south of
    the city of Nablus.
    The tour begins along highway 5, and passes along the separation fence, near the villages of Azzun and
    Athamna, the Shaarei Tikva and Elkana settlements, the Barkan Industrial Zone and the settlement / city
    of Ariel.
    The tour ends with a meeting with Palestinians members of “Combatants for Peace” from villages in the
    region. This gathering allows participants to develop an understanding of the personal stories of
    activists, as well as to participate in an open discussion on various topics related to the occupation and
    living conditions in the area.
    The tour is designed to raise awareness among the Israeli participants of the situation in the heart of the
    West Bank – the area between Nablus and Ramallah. It is meant to expose settlement policies and
    objectives, the expropriation of land and the establishment of outposts, and to provide an
    understanding of the political and economic motivations that drive the entire settlement enterprise, its
    consequences and impact on Palestinian residents of the area. In these meetings with Palestinians we
    present the Palestinian-Israeli partnership of “Combatants for Peace” and the joint activities of the
    movement. These meetings offer the Israeli public an alternative path – through dialogue and joint
    The trips take place on Fridays or Saturdays and tour dates are posted on the Combatants for Peace
    website and its Facebook page.