News Combatants for Peace Activists Visit Al Akaba village

    Combatants for Peace Activists Visit Al Akaba village

    Date: 19/09/2015
    On September 19th a group of us, CFP members, visited the small village Al Akaba in the north east of the West Bank.

    We were hosted by the Head of local counsel Haj Sami Sadek and heard about the village situation after several houses were demolished during August 2015 by the Israeli Army.

    The Story of Al Akaba is the story of many Palestinian communities in the West Bank. Villages that are located under full Israeli control of area C.

    The villages is situated in a training area of the Israeli army, and this serves as the state's excuse for not permitting natural growth of the community and therefore making all building illegal.

    For the same reason the village is not connected to water supply, as also the neighboring village Tayaseer. This resembles the tactics used by Israel also in southern Hebron hells in the area of Susya village, to push Palestinians out of area C into larger villages in areas B and A.

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