Personal stories

Personal stories

The first meetings between Palestinians and Israelis, that eventually led to the establishment of the “Combatants for Peace” movement, centered around the telling of participants’ personal stories. It began with the spontaneous need to learn about the other side and developed into a coherent perception that the way to peace is through a deep recognition of the humanity of the other side. Our personal story, Palestinians and Israelis, is the story of life here, a story of the violence to which we were partners or witnesses but, equally, a story of choosing a path of non-violence and partnership.

Ahmed Helou

Jerico Ahmed met civilian Israelis for the first time in various dialogue groups during the second intifada and admits that up until then the only thing he knew about Israelis was check posts and soldiers.

Maya Katz


Maya’s grandparents left Poland and Germany before the Second World War, in order to help build the new state of Israel. The kibbutz where Maya grew up, “Emek Ha Yarden”, was built upon land of an abandoned Arab village. Maya […]

Avner Horowitz

Tel-Aviv It was only when participating the Israeli-Palestinian memorial day for the first time that Avner was relieved. “I could breathe again” so he described the sensation and consciousness that things can be different.

Ben Yeger

England Ben Yeger served in the Nachal between 1983 and 1986 during the first Lebanon War. He is now the UK Rep of Combatants for Peace and has been a member in the movement since 2008.

Jamel Mizaro


The struggle for the liberation of the Palestinian people has always been a central theme in Jamel’s life. From the moment that the Israel-Palestine conflict was apparent to him, he took part in the struggle because he understood that his […]

Bassam Aramin

Anata, East Jerusalem

Bassam Aramin became involved in the Palestinian struggle as a boy growing up in the ancient city of Hebron. At 17, he was caught planning an attack on Israeli troops, and spent seven years in prison. In 2005, he co-founded […]

Oren Kalisman

Tel Aviv

Oren Kalisman, 30, is a physics student at Tel Aviv University. During his time in the Israeli army he was a lieutenant and platoon commander.
I grew up in a village close to Galilee. We lived surrounded by Arabs, but we […]

Suliman al-Khatib


I am Sulaiman Khatib (souli) from the village of Hizme in north-east Jerusalem.
lives now in ramallah -palestine
was raised in a family which was badly affected by the occupation and struggled against it, according to the outlook that the only possible […]

Nour Shehadah

Tulkarem Nour Shehadah lives with his wife in Tulkarem in the West Bank. Aged 40, he is now a social worker, but was previously a wanted man in Israel and leader of the local Fatah party.

Hillel Bardin


My father was born in 1898 in Ukraine. As a child he lived through terrible pogroms in which Jews were killed and attacked, without the police giving any protection. This, and his knowledge of Jewish history, convinced him that Jews […]