Personal stories Suliman al-Khatib

    Suliman al-Khatib


    I am Sulaiman Khatib (souli) from the village of Hizme in north-east Jerusalem.

    lives now in ramallah -palestine

    was raised in a family which was badly affected by the occupation and struggled against it, according to the outlook that the only possible solution is a military one.I joined the “Fatah” movement informally at the age of 13, and was involved in various actions, such as throwing stones, writing slogans, preparing Molotov Cocktails. This was in 1986, before the first Intifada. As Chen pointed out, it is very possible that people who are sitting here today were harmed by my actions.At the age of 14, I stabbed Israeli soldiers with a friend of mine. We were arrested. I was sentenced to 15 years in jail and my friend to 18 years and they blocked my room at my family house for ten years ,.For the first two years and half , I was in the children’s section in the Hebron jail, where the management and staff were extremely tough. Settlers from Kiryat Arba were among the jail staff, which made the situation more difficult and enhanced the suffering. There were many problems in this jail. For example, often there was a lack of drinking water, and of course there was not enough water for showers. Hitting prisoners, spraying tear gas into prison cells, and stripping prisoners were daily occurrences.

    I joint many times the food hunger strikes for ten days with no food just salt and water even my last hunger strike was for 17 days with other prisoners in order to improve the daily conditions in jail thats how i learned about non-velounce struggle and learned to be patient .

    Later on I was transferred to the Janad jail, near Shechem/nablus , where I worked in the Jail’s library. This provided me with an opportunity to read a lot, also about the history of the Jewish the tow narratives of both peoples for example i watched for first time in my life Doc/films about the holocaust that effected me deeply emotionally , In fact I acquired my entire education and constructed my worldview in jail including learning Hebrew and English, I never went to university,we used to call jails (revolutionary University ) but I did attend the learning groups in jail every day. This is when I started having new thoughts about the conflict and the means for resolving it.

    Along the way i always felt am morally a good heart person and my humanity is there .in the right place.

    I belive there is no military solution for our conflict and i believe of the moral value of NV struggle together for real change for both peoples that belongs to the (kannan land ).i respect the emotional and cultural belonging of our peoples both pal and Jewish to the land and have no problem with that .we need to learn how live together with all the deference’s .tolerance is important principle here .

    In 1997, after 10 years and 5 months in jail, I was freed. The Beer Sheva jail was my last prison. In spite of numerous difficulties, such as the separation wall (big part of my family land now behind the wall ),, the curfews, the settlements and more, some of us, who are here today, have established the Abu Sukar Center for Peace. We believe that combatants, who personally paid a price for their active involvement in the conflict, are the ones who can significantly change the situation.

    Am against violence we dont want to stay in the (victim mindset ) enough we should look forward .

    We both are here and now ….we respect and address the past and the imbalance in power but the way for change start with me and you ordinary people .

    Im together with you both isr and pal taking resposiplity over my action to be the change i want to see thats the way forward to achieve peace /freedom and life for every one in our beloved homeland .

    I support NV joint movement for both peoples with lots of love and forgiveness

    thats the vision ….