Struggle Against Nabi Alias Bypass (2016)

In December 2015, an expropriation order was issued for 104 dunam of privately-owned Palestinian agricultural land east of Qalqilya. This land is intended to be used for the building of a bypass road to go around Nabi Alias - an extension of Road 55 connecting Karnei Shomron settlement to the Eliyahu Crossing. In order to […] View project

Bethlehem Area Tour

Does the seperation wall really adds security? How come the state of Israel invests more than 1 Million dollars in one resident of the village of Wallaje? Does the current “Ezion area” match the historical “Gush Ezion”? Come to see yourself the reallity 20 minutes from Jerusalem, hear how the local village residents cope with [...] View project

Regional Bi-national Groups

The “combatants for Peace” movement is based on five regional bi-national groups. The groups work in a variety ways of activism to fulfill our mission. Each group works according to its character and according to its members decision. The groups act in the context of the communities of the area, and the challenges it faces [...] View project

Memorial Day Ceremony

The Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day ceremony, which has been held on the eve of Memorial Day for the last ten consecutive years, comes to remind us that war is not an act of fate but one of human choice. This ceremony is the largest annual event held by the Combatants for Peace movement. On this particularly [...] View project
Settlers outpost in E2 (Nahla)

Stop the settlement in E2 – Nahla (2015)

At the present time, preparations are moving ahead for establishing a new settlement near the Palestinian village of Nahla (south of Bethlehem and east of the settlement Efrat) cialis in usa. Establishing this settlement would bisect the West Bank and seriously damage the chance for a two-states solution (as would the plan to expand Maaleh [...] View project
Personal stories meetings

Learning Peace

Combatants for Peace is pleased to invite you to “Learning Peace” events that are held once a month. These meetings include lectures and discussions for members of the movement and the general public. In these gatherings we host prominent individuals from the public and academic realms who have an affinity to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and [...] View project