Projects Theatre of the Oppressed
    theatre at the road block near Shufa village (2011)

    Theatre of the Oppressed

    CFP started to use theater in the Tel Aviv-Tulkarm group. The Theater activities are based on Augusto
    Boal’s “Theater of the Oppressed”, in practice and theory. This is the model which aims to bring change
    through Theater. The Theater is a non-violent tool that allows Israelis and Palestinians to work together
    toward an understanding of implications of the occupation and peace based on non-violent principles.
    One of the central techniques for the application of “Theater of the Oppressed” is the “Theater Forum”.
    CFP members are the actors, and they perform before an Israeli and Palestinian audience. They present examples of suppression from their own personal experiences, which are usually familiar to the

    After the Israeli and Palestinian audience watches the scene, the forum begins. The audience is invited
    to change the scene by replacing one of the actors. The audience member steps onto the stage, and the
    scene is replayed. The rest of the characters do not change substantively; rather the newcomer shows
    how s/he wants to change the situation. After each scene, there is a short discussion.
    The performances take place on the ground: in the village or at a road-block. There is full partnership
    with the Palestinians and Israelis that sit in the audience. The Theater presents an opportunity for non-
    violent resistance. The Theater is an opportunity for the audience to do a “switch” and to envision the
    long-awaited change.
    An important feature of these performances is that the audience members are active participants and
    not just observers. Instead of just talking about the other, the Theater allows the audience to step into
    the shoes of the other.