Steering Committee

In 2006, Israeli and Palestinian former combatants, people who had taken an active role in the conflict, laid down their weapons and established Combatants for Peace. The egalitarian, bi-national, grassroots organization was founded on the belief that the cycle of violence can only be broken when Israelis and Palestinians join forces. Committed to joint nonviolence since its foundation, CFP works to both transform and resolve the conflict by ending Israeli occupation and all forms of violence between the two sides and building a peaceful future for both peoples.

co-resistance to the occupation and to violence, forms the basis for future co-existence. Through joint nonviolence in the present, we lay the foundations for a nonviolent future.
Israeli side
  • Udi Gur – Israeli Coordinator
  • Uri Ben-Assa – Managing Director
  • Michal Hochberg – Regional Groups Advisor
  • Chen Alon – Theatre Coordinator and Co-founder
  • Avner Wishnitzer - Co-Founder
  • Tamar Schneck – Fundraising
  • Larry Lester - Finances
  • Ben Yeger – Internal Affairs Coordinator and UK Representative
  • Michal Hochberg – Coordinator Memorial Day Project
  • Abigail Corry – Coordinators of Hebron–Be’er Sheva Group
  • Moran Zmir – Coordinator of Jerusalem–Ramallah Group
  • Ella Naor – Coordinator of Bethlehem-Jerusalem Group
  • Noam Aronovitz – Meetings Coordinator
  • Maya Epstein - Spokesperson, Social Media, PR
  • Nitzan Ofir - Disturbing the Peace Coordination
  • Lee Aldar - Coordinator Women Group
  • Galia Golan - Coordinator with American Friends of Combatants for Peace
  • Yehudit Yinhar - Coordinator with German Friends of Combatants for Peace
Palestinian side
  • Mohamed Ewada – Palestinian General Coordinator
  • Sulaiman Khatib – External Relations Coordinator
  • Ahmad Al Hilo – Financial Manager\Home Meetings Coordinator
  • Khulod Abu Reyiaa – Youth Group Coordinator
  • Jamiel Qassas - Groups Coordinator (Center\South)
  • Osama Elwat – Groups Coordinator (Center\North)
  • Adam al Herani - Activities and Events Coordinator
  • Ghassan Bannoura – Media and Communications officer