The project was launched just before Memorial Day 2012, and was attended by Israeli and Palestinian members of “Combatants for Peace”.

The project is designed to bring together public from the two societies, albeit virtually – people living on the two sides of the separation wall – to remind us all that both groups want to live in freedom and security. Campaign posters were distributed which included facial views of members of “Combatants for Peace” with slogans in Hebrew and Arabic delivering simple messages about the recognition of the other and a call for an end to the occupation and a formulation of an agreement.

In the present reality, most of the Palestinians living in the West only encounter soldiers and settlers and Israelis never have the opportunity at all to meet Palestinians. Against the background of a complete disconnection between the two societies, together with the trends of dehumanization, Combatants for Peace strives for mutual recognition of the humanity of both sides in the conflict.

Within the scope of such a fundamentally simple acknowledgment comes the need to act against the occupation and violence which affect fundamental human rights and prevent a life of security, freedom and dignity.

The posters were distributed over the social networks and later printed and used in demonstrations and other events of the movement.

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