Since November 2015, CFP has held regular Freedom Marches along Route 60 in the West Bank just south of Jerusalem, demonstrating with puppets, music, Theatre of the Oppressed and other creative expression that Israelis and Palestinians together seek an end to the occupation through nonviolence. Using creative methods of expression and more traditional nonviolent tactics of stopping traffic and marching together, we have declared our values of nonviolent resistance to the occupation to members of our CfP community, allies, and bystanders, including Israeli soldiers and settlers using the road.


In 2016, we held 11 Freedom Marches, with 300-400 regular participants and two larger events, marking our 10 Year Anniversary and one full year of freedom Marches with 700-800 participants. in 2017, we held special Freedom Marches marking 50 years of occupation and International Peace Day, and had a strong turnout from both Palestinians and Israelis. This march is categorized under our strategic goals of both opposing the occupation and building a community of bi-national cooperation. The consistent nature of the marches facilitates a sense of community and of shared values, motivating activists and building our network. Special guests at the marches have included: activist Rabbi Noa Mazor (Rabbis for Human Rights), Artists Mira Awad , Tamer Nafar and Yossi Zabari; politicians Dr. Laura Warton (Jerusalem City Council, Meretz), MK Ahmed Tibi, MK Dov Henin, MK Aymen Odeh (Joint List) amongst others.

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