The Joint Nakba Remembrance Ceremony will be broadcast
via Facebook Live, Youtube Live on May 15th, 2022

7:00pm Jerusalem | 5:00pm London| 6:00pm Berlin


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Combatants for Peace hold the Joint Nakba Day Ceremony to bring attention to the Nakba and acknowledge the great pain it brings, through the understanding of the Nakba’s importance in the Palestinian collective memory and in the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The ceremony’s message is that we must face our past with honesty, integrity, and empathy in order to bring a future of reconciliation, liberty and peace for both sides.

For many years Israeli authorities have been consistently working to diminish the Nakba and the local Palestinian existence prior to it, and cancelling any opportunity for conversation about the Nakba. Through the ceremony we hope to help develop a shared language that will help both sides to have this very conversation. This ceremony supports various entities in Palestinian society who wish to bring attention of Jewish-Israelis to the Nakba, and use this trauma as a foundation for collaboration between the sides to promote life free of occupation, discrimination, and oppression.

We strive to legitimize the discussion of Nakba in the Jewish community, stimulate empathy towards the pain and suffer that the events of 1948 brought, and raise awareness to the oppressing processes that happen to this day. While we are well aware of the inherited fear in the Jewish community of coping with this piece of history, we insist it is essential to have an open discussion about Nakba. Through the ceremony we wish to commemorate what has been lost on the Palestinian side, while promoting conversation that will bring a different, better, future.

Immediately following the broadcast of the ceremony, we will hold a virtual meeting over zoom with Rula Daood and Shai Goren:
The Ongoing Nakba: The continuous forced displacement of Palestinians.

Supporting organizations of the Joint Nakba Remembrance Ceremony 2022: