Friday Feb.8th,2019 – Combatants for Peace theater group preformed it’s Personal Stories play for a group of Palestinian and Israeli audience.

The play displays a number of personal stories of Israeli and Palestinian Combatants for Peace theater group members.  The show brings to light the stories of violence the actors lived and participated in, it also show their transformation and change that they experienced and influenced them to choose nonviolent resistance against the Israeli occupation.

Training-Directed by:
Adam Rabee & Leyat Epstein

Anne Admon & Ayman El Hilo

Actors \ Personal Stories

Ayman El Helou, Ann Edmond, Saile Abu Jarrar, Yuval Liron, Mohammed Darwish, Dov Kieshenowski, Arwa Rabaa, Afly Levonon, Fares El Gharouf, Israel Weiser, Ghadir Abu Aram, Yardena Ibtovtser, Nurit Badash, Elian Kramer and Ana Ben Shalom.


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