Regional Bi-national Action Groups

Ideologically and practically, Combatans for Peace is based on face-to-face encounter and close collaboration between Palestinians and Israelis. The movement is therefore structured “horizontally,” to allow as many people from both sides to interact with each other, and act together. The bi-national groups are where this interaction takes place and where it transforms into political action. The activists in each of the regional groups get to know the area in which they operate, and the particular problems and challenges faced by local communities. As long as their activity advances the movement’s mission, the groups are autonomous in choosing where they want to act, and in what ways, based on their intimate knowledge of their region or the means they have in their posession. Put briefly, the groups are both the “engines” of the movement’s activity, and the clearest embodiment of its vision.

Each group is jointly lead by two coordinators: one Palestinian, the other Israeli.

The movement has seven regional groups and two special groups. The regional groups are:

The Nablus/Tel Aviv Group – active in the rural area of Nablus.

The Qalailya-Tulkarm/Tel Aviv Group – active in the rural area of Qalqilya

The Bethlehem/Jerusalem Group – active south of Jerusalem, mostly in the rural area of Bethlehem.

The al-Quds/Jericho-Jerusalem Group – active mainly in the southern part of the Jordan Valley.

The al-Quds/Jerusalem/Ramalla Group – active mostly to the north of Jerusalem and in the rural areas around Ramallah

The Northern Group – active in the north of the Jordan valley and Haifa-Galilee

The Hebron/Beer Sheva Group – active around south mount Hebron

The Theatre Group – utilizes theater as a means of activism, especcially utilizing Agusto Boal’s Theater of the Oppressed (TOO).

The Wonen Group – made exclusively of female activisits and promotes gender-related issues. It should be noted that women are also part of all regional groups, and some lead these groups.

The groups work in a variety of ways to advance our mission. Each group is active in accordance with decisions taken by its members and in the context of the problems and difficulties faced by the communities in the area and the challenges faced.

Each group is headed by two coordinators: a Palestinian and an Israeli.

For more information about our groups, ask us anything.

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Group meetings with a Palestinian and an Israeli member of the Movement who present the personal stories and hold open discussions with the participants.
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