Combatants for Peace is pleased to invite you to “Learning Peace”, a series of periodic events which, as the name suggests, are intended to expand the Israeli public’s awareness of the implications of the occupation. These meetings include lectures and discussions for members of the movement and the general public.

In these gatherings we host prominent individuals from the public and academic realms who have an affinity to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and discuss a broad range of issues. Our goal is to foster and promote an understanding and a critical perception of the diverse aspects of the reality of the conflict, in order to enrich and complement the bi-national activities held in the field by Combatants for Peace.

After the lecture two members of Combatants for Peace, an Israeli and Palestinian, share with the audience their personal stories involving the transformation they made from taking part in the circle of violence to the non-violent struggle toward a cessation of the conflict between the two peoples. An open discussion will then be held

Most of Learning Peace events are in Hebrew. We will do our best to arrange for translators, if requested prior to the event.

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“When we realize our stories will ultimately cause our demise, and the only way out is to challenge them? who will be willing to disturb the peace?” Steve Apkon, Director and Producer
Group meetings with a Palestinian and an Israeli member of the Movement who present the personal stories and hold open discussions with the participants.
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