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Olive Harvest

Combatants for Peace movement, in cooperation with the local councils of the villages south of Yatta, Hebron, organized a working day in solidarity with the residents of the village of Tuba. During the day, Palestinian and Israeli peace activists harvested olive trees owned by the villagers that are threatened by settlers.

Moreover activists and residents worked on building channels to collect rainwater from around the houses of the residents and channel it to artesian wells to be used by farmers, which is the only source of water supply. Water is very scares in the village during summer time.

“We are here today to support the steadfastness of the people of Tuba village who are subjected to almost daily attacks by the settlers and the occupation forces and to provide them with the necessary assistance.” Adam Rabie, Palestinian Coordinator of Activities in Combatants for Peace.

The day ended with a discussion and planning session between the organization’s activists, the villagers and the committees to prepare for future activities, and then everyone ate lunch together, which was prepared by Tuba village residents.

The Israeli occupation has closed the road leading to the village of Tuba since 2002, which passes near the settlement of Maon located on a hill adjacent to the village Tuba. The closure of the road causes great harm to the population in general and to school students in particular who are constantly assaulted by settlers while on their way from and to school.


13 Oct 2018


8:30 am - 4:00 pm
רכבת מרכז ת


רכבת מרכז ת"א
תחנת ארלוזורוב