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solidarity rally within at Khan Al Ahmar

Combatants for Peace Movement invites you to participate in the central solidarity rally within at Khan Al Ahmar Bedouin community on Tuesday 02.10.2018 and stay overnight in the protest tent and the nearby school. The occupation has handed over military orders to the residents of the Khan al-Ahmar ordering them to demolish their homes by October 1, 2018. Therefore, CFP invites you to participate in the central activity to support the steadfastness of the residents of the Khan Al Ahmar and prevent the occupation from demolishing.

Over the past few months, the occupation has decided to demolish the Bedouin community in the Al Khan Al Ahmar area and surrounding communities. Khan Al Ahmar Bedouins were first displaced by the occupation in 1948 from their original areas located in the Negev and once more, it is trying to displace them from their homes.

For more information, please contact Adam Rabi 0597398955 CFP activity Organizer


02 Oct 2018


4:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Khan Al Ahmar


Khan Al Ahmar
Khan Al Ahmar

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