In December 2015, an expropriation order was issued for 104 dunam of privately-owned Palestinian agricultural land east of Qalqilya.

This land is intended to be used for the building of a bypass road to go around Nabi Alias – an extension of Road 55 connecting Karnei Shomron settlement to the Eliyahu Crossing. In order to enable the construction of the bypass road, 700 olive trees would be uprooted and the agricultural landscape would be damaged, as would the livelihood of Palestinian farmers and small business owners. The cost of the project is currently estimated at around 50,000,000 NIS.

The plan was promoted under pressure from settlement leaders and Yossi Dagan, head of the Shomron Regional Council. In exchange for the removal of the protest tent Mr. Dagan set up in front of the Prime Minister’s residence, the government approved the pavement of this bypass road. Throughout the planning stages, the Palestinians’ needs were not taken into consideration, they were not consulted, and the expropriation is to be carried out without their consent.

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