The Israeli-Palestinian  Memorial Ceremony 

On April 13, 2021 we held the Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day Ceremony for the sixteenth time. 

Watch the Memorial Ceremony 2021 here.

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The Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Ceremony, co-hosted by Combatants for Peace and the Parents Circle – Families Forum, is a unique opportunity for Israelis and Palestinians to both grieve together and stand strong in demanding an end to the cycle of violence. The event provides an alternative to the official commemoration services held during the Israeli Memorial Day which justify the political status quo, and assert militarized nationalism and a narrow one-sided narrative. Our joint Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Ceremony on the contrary honors the lives lost in the conflict on both sides, and builds a new narrative: rejecting violence, the occupation, and embracing another way. Year after year, the growing popular success of the event models for more Israeli, Palestinian and international audiences that non-violent, binational cooperation and humanization is feasible. We believe in peace and reconciliation.

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Post-Ceremony Zoom Meetings

#1 Meeting with the Speakers from the ceremony


Tamar Pikes, Layla Alshekh and Gili Meisler share their personal bereavement, answer questions from the audience, and deepen the conversation beyond what is possible during the ceremony itself.

  • Language: English

#3 The Personal Story


Yuval Sapir, who lost his sister, and Ashraf Abu Ayash, who lost his father, tell their personal stories, and what they went through until they reached the Parents Circle-Families Forum.

  • Language: Hebrew

#5 The Narrative of Fear


Becca Strober, a member of Breaking the Silence, speaks about fear, one of the main justification mechanisms of the occupation – and how she learned to leave it out of the equation.

  • Language: English

#7 Disturbing the Peace


Sulaiman Khatib from Combatants for Peace and Steve Apkon, the filmmaker of “Disturbing the Peace”, talk about just that: How do you create change within the comfort zone?

“Disturbing the Peace” trailer.

Sulaiman Khatib’s book: “In This Place Together”.

  • Language: English

#9 Israeli Society: Immune System in Crisis


Journalist Akiva Eldar talks with Prof. Daniel Bar-Tal, a political psychologist who researches conflicts and their resolutions, about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through a socio-psychological prism.

  • Languages: Hebrew

#2 The Personal Story


Muna Abu Sara, a speaker in the ceremony, who lost her son Khaled, and Guy Elhanan, who lost his sister Smadar, tell their personal stories, and what they went through until they reached the Parents Circle-Families Forum.

  • Language: Arabic

#4 The Ceremony – How it all began


Osama Eliwat and Avner Wishnitzer, members of Combatants for Peace, talk about the establishment of the movement, the idea behind it, and the connection between these and the ceremony.

  • Language: Hebrew

#6 The Narrative of Fear


Nadav Weiman, a member of Breaking the Silence, speaks about fear, one of the main justification mechanisms of the occupation – and how he learned to leave it out of the equation.

  • Language: Hebrew

#8 Overcoming Oppression from the USA to Palestine


Eldra Jackson III, a speaker, healer and activist whose work focuses on racial justice in the prison system, discusses with Aziz Abu Sarah, a well-known Palestinian activist, journalist and social entrepreneur, the intersectionality between the racial justice movement in the USA and the fight for Palestinian freedom.

  • Language: English

#10 Overcoming Fear Through Nonviolent Action


David Shulman and Sami Awad, activists, philosophers and experts of nonviolent resistance, talk about the fear of rebelling against reality and ways to cope with that fear. 

  • Language: English

Ceremony Organizers

Host Committee:

Nancy Bernstein, Annie Berdy, Ben Linder, Progressive Angels, Carrie Shapiro and Peter Frey, Harold Erdman and Christy Artz, Carol and Terry Winograd, Eleanor Friedman and Jonathan Cohen, Alan Feldman and Carol Seitchik, Lisa and Joshua Greer, Sally Gottesman.

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The history of the joint Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Ceremony:

In 2006, Buma Inbar, a bereaved father who lost his son Yotam in Lebanon, came to CFP with a vision: a joint Memorial Ceremony for Israelis and Palestinians. For Buma, this was the right way to remember, and to remind others, that war only brings more war, destruction and pain. He realized that we need to make every effort to put an end to the cycle of violence, so that no family will ever again have to go through the pain of losing a loved one, as he did.
Since Buma’s vision came to life, CFP has held the Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Ceremony annually, and every year we are joined by more and more people who understand that the ongoing violence can and must be stopped. In 2019, 9,000 people attended the Ceremony in Ha’Yarkon Park in Tel Aviv, and in 2020 the Ceremony was live-streamed online and reached around 200,000 people all over the world – making it the largest peace event in the world.
Every year Palestinians and Israelis who took part in violence in the past and chose to put down the weapons and fight non-violently for peace, join together. Each and every year we unite on Memorial Day in order to remember. We remember all the victims of this ongoing conflict, on both sides. We remember that we all feel sadness and pain and longing, both Israelis and Palestinians, and we remember that we are all victims of this conflict, but we are also the ones creating it – so it is our responsibility to end it.

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