27.4.2020 | 20:30

 The Israeli-Palestinian  Memorial Ceremony 

The Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Ceremony, which has been held on Israeli Memorial Day (Yom Hazikaron) for the last fourteen consecutive years, comes to remind us that

War Is Not an Act of Fate – But a Choice of Man.

Our Memorial Ceremony transforms the traditional narrative of victimhood into a narrative of togetherness and hope. Israelis and Palestinians together acknowledge the pain of those living on the “other side” and strive to transform the violence into a society based on peace, justice and equality. Palestinian and Israeli bereaved families speak about their personal pain along with musical and artistic performances.

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 The Israeli-Palestinian 

 Memorial Ceremony  

The Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day ceremony demonstrates the reality of empathy and mutual respect among peoples

The ceremony demonstrates, however briefly, the possibility of peace, not based on disregard for or indifference to the pain, but rather with a direct reference to the loss and bereavement on both sides.

 Sharing sorrow, bringing hope 
 Join us! 

The 15th Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day Ceremony will be live streamed on April 27th 2020 at 20:30pm (17:30pm UTC) to viewers in Israel, Palestine and all over the world by Combatants for Peace and the Parents Circle – Families Forum. It has become clear that there will be no physical audience this year due to the Coronavirus’ threat.

In the words of Combatants for Peace’s Israeli co-Executive director Yonatan Gher: “The Coronavirus has brought about complicated circumstances in which we are not able to come together for the Memorial Ceremony as we have done in previous years. This challenge, however, will not prevent us from fulfilling the significant human need to come together, Israelis and Palestinians, to remember and remind others of our loved ones, and to say once more that a just peace is the key to a better future for us all – an even stronger message today, in a time when people in Israel, Palestine, and all over the world, are standing together against a joint threat.”

At the end of the broadcast we will be all invited to intimate ZOOM conversations with Israeli and Palestinian families, bereaved by the conflict.

Detailed instructions (links) on how to follow the live streaming of the Memorial Ceremony will be shared a few days before the event. Save the date and set up your own private screening at home in solidarity with Palestinians and Israelis who believe in peace…