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Welcome to our Community!


In recent years many supporters have joined us, thanks to our screenings of Disturbing the Peace - the documentary about our movement. We would like to tell you a little about our activities. 

These last few weeks have been amazing at Combatants for Peace: We were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize!! We met with Richard Gere. Our documentary, Disturbing the Peace, has won even more awards, we are preparing for the annual Alternative Memorial Day and our groups and activities have been as active and busy as ever.

CfP runs seven local, bi-national groups throughout Israel/Palestine (north, south, and center), including a new women’s group and a region-wide theater group, specializing in non-violent protest through the “Theater of the Oppressed.”

Join us in our struggle and help us advocate for peace in a world torn by conflict! Please, donate and support us in any way you can. As you know, your voice is critical! SHALOM and SALAM from the Holy Land!


What are we doing? | Peace


House meetings and meetings with youth

We meet the public in Israel and Palestine. Each meeting starts with two personal stories, one from each side, about where and how each one of us met the violence and the conflict and why we chose to leave the circle of violence and join to meet and act with people from the other side, through nonviolence, to end the occupation and build peace.

Aid for people under occupation

Where we can, we help people in the palestinian west-bank with the realities that come with living under the israeli military rule. Work days to help clear debris after home demolitions, help building playgrounds, olive harvest help and accompanying shepherds that suffer from movement restrictions by the army and settlers are a few examples.

Guided tours

Every month we invite israelis for a tour in one of the areas of the west bank in Palestine. The tours show the political and geographical structure of the life in the west bank and end with a meeting with a palestinian member of The meeting starts with the personal stories of the movement members that brought them to cfpeace and follows a Q&A session to sum up the tour.

"Disturbing the peace"

We are all stuck in our own stories. These stories are often passed down for generations and are based on our particular cultural perspectives, national and familial narratives and mythologies. They are understood to be the “truth” of the way things are. The documentary movie “Disturbing the Peace” inspires us to take responsibility for our participation in perpetuating societal structures that no longer work and invites us to reconsider our narratives as we ask: “What kind of world do we want to live in? What kind of life do we want to create?

The Freedom March

The freedom march is a bi-national nonviolent march, calling for the end of the occupation and for the building of a just peace between the peoples. The march is taking place mostly near Bet-Jalla and each march focuses on a different issue that prevents the freedom in Palestine. We march together for freedom and peace.

The Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day Ceremony

The Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day ceremony comes to remind us that war is not an act of fate but one of human choice. This ceremony is the largest annual event held by the Combatants for Peace movement. On this particularly difficult day we call upon both sides to acknowledge the pain and the aspirations of those living on the other side of the fence and for each of us to strive to prevent the next war. Perhaps during next year’s Memorial Day, additional losses will not have to reckoned with